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Player Rank Alliance Colony Coordinates
Agent Carmichael11G11CCarmichael Industries[15:1:1]
Agent Carmichael11G11CChuck Bartowski[15:1:1m]
Agent Carmichael10G11CThe Ring[15:11:1]
Agent Carmichael10G11CShaw[15:11:1m]
Agent Carmichael10G11CVolkoff Industries[15:13:1]
Agent Carmichael10G11CHydra[15:13:1m]
Agent Carmichael10G11CNSA[15:15:1]
Agent Carmichael10G11CCipher[15:15:1m]
Devil Spawn (vN) 20G11CTornado[13:195:3]
Devil Spawn (vN) 20G11CRetired[13:195:3m]
Devil Spawn (vN) 20G11CHawk t1a[13:195:5]
Devil Spawn (vN) 20G11CHawk t1[13:195:5m]
The Dark Lord of Dagenham15G11C$/TIRE[12:470:15]
The Dark Lord of Dagenham15G11C$T()RM[12:470:15m]
The Dark Lord of Dagenham (N) 15G11CN() $/N(TU/RY[17:280:15]
The Dark Lord of Dagenham (N) 15G11CLEI/...[17:280:15m]